Bruner/Cott and Associates

"A pleasure to work with. Thoughtful and always willing to consider clever alternative solutions."

Simeon Bruner Founding Principal

JACA Architects

"As the founder and CEO of JACA Architects I would consider Souza True Engineers to be a first choice in structural engineering solutions. Over the past 30 years of working with many of ST&P members they have always been a partner in both new and renovation projects. They have always been considerate of project schedules, budgets and the need to respond to field questions in a timely manner."

Anthony F. Cavallaro, AIA CEO/Founder

Mount Vernon Group Architects

"Over the many years I have practiced in this profession of Architecture, I have found that it requires close communication and collaboration with Structural Engineers. My experience working with Souza, True and Partners and their experienced Structural Engineers, I have found that they never disappoint and they always perform in a thoughtful cost effective way that always lead to successful projects."

Adolfo Cuevas, AIA

Mount Auburn Hospital

"Souza, True and Partners has had a long standing relationship with Mount Auburn Hospital providing structural engineering support to the healthcare projects on campus for over 20 years. Their common sense approach to working with the design team whether it is an MRI suite or aging garage renovation allows the team to clearly understand the options and to move forward."

Nick Dileso COO


"NADAAA has had the privilege of working with Souza, True and Partners for several years across many projects and typologies. They are an expert team of valuable advisors and collaborative partners. Foundational to our process is an attention to detail and an appetite to challenge the status quo: both require patient and flexible structural engineering. They have consistently provided creative and cost-effective solutions, which have proven essential to project success. For example, their early analysis of the existing concrete structure of the R&D Center for the Beaver Country Day persuaded our client to approve an additional floor of classroom space, solving several program constraints. Furthermore, the project had a significant renovation component. Souza True was called upon to improvise solutions for unforeseen conditions, engendering trust from client and contractor alike. We look forward to continuing our work with Souza True, and highly recommend them as a consulting partner."

Katherine W. Faulkner, AIA LEED AP Principal

HDR, Inc.

"In new or remodeling projects and notwithstanding the medium of construction, Souza, True and Partners is highly competent in all facets of projects to deliver excellent structural engineering services. Their ability to evaluate, comprehend, and develop solutions which support the architectural design is enhanced by their skills in working as an integral part of a design team which is displayed through their knowledge of time schedules, budgets and critical construction restraints."

Noel Morris Project Manager

Shawmut Design and Construction

"Souza, True and Partners is one of the finest structural engineering firms that I have had the pleasure to work with in my 25 years of construction. They have a practical, down to earth approach to structural engineering. They really view things from a buildability perspective. In a renovation project it’s a great asset to have them in your court. Their knowledge and experience raise them above their competition. I’d enjoy working with them anytime."

Douglas Schultz Project Executive

Scott/Griffin Architects, Ltd.

"As an architect I have been working with Souza, True and Partners for over 30 years. Our projects have ranged from major hotels, office buildings, retail developments and housing. Their professionalism and responsiveness is exceptional. Their ability to work within architectural design parameters and solve problems creatively to achieve the desired result is very important to our client’s projects. Their clear solutions are thoughtful, thorough and cost effective and meet all our project needs. I would highly recommend Souza True and Partners."

Thomas P. Scott, AIA Principal

Saint Vincent Hospital

"Souza, True and Partners performed all of the structural Design work on the Worcester Medical Center / Saint Vincent Hospital Project which was an 800,000 sq. ft. new construction developed in Downtown Worcester on a 25-acre brown field. The facility opened in April 2000. The team performed in a very professional manner, met schedules as needed and have been readily available for any questions or inquiries since the completion of the job… I would highly recommend this firm for any project."

Paul R. Strniste Vice President of Facilities


"Working with Souza, True and Partners is a pleasure. They resolve structural issues with creativity and confidence. Together, we have collaborated on numerous designs with exposed structural elements. Whether heavy timber or steel, the resulting structures are always elegantly ordered and beautifully fastened."

Ellen Watts FAIA, LEED AP President & Co-Founder

Shepley Bulfinch

"Shepley Bulfinch has enjoyed working with Souza, True and Partners for many years. They are an integral member of the design team, providing efficient solutions to complex challenges. ST&P contributes a friendly approach, reliable expertise, and timely delivery to each project’s success. We look forward to our continued collaboration on future projects."

Paul Worthington-Berry, AIA Architect